Thursday, January 10, 2008

Against the grain

I happen to believe that the NFC playoff race is as wide open as this year's Republican Presidential race. So therefore I'm going to go against the top two seeds and pick the Giants and the Packers. (Almost) Everybody would love to see Brett Farve in another Super Bowl and I'm one of those people but this Packers team is just so young and they don't have any playoff experience. They are going to have to prove to me that they can play great this time of year. Mike Holmgren is a legend in Green Bay and He loves to coach there and I have a feeling that might give him a slight edge. I know Seattle is a bad road team but I'm just going to say so what? and go against that. Feel free to laugh at me later. The Cowboys-Giants game will be great because it's division rivalry game and when those games are played in the post season they are even rougher and more physical than they are in the regular season. I have a gut feeling about the Giants this year. They seem like a tougher more committed team than they have been in the past. They are hungry and they know people are betting against them and they like that. They played great against the Patriots and they looked very good against the Bucs so I will give them a slight edge in this game. This might be the kind of game to come down to overtime or a field goal. As far as the AFC goes I won't go into as much detail. I love, love the Jaguars and the way they play football but I can't see them beating the Patriots they're not quite ready. In the other game I'm going to go with the Colts and I would have went with the colts even if Antonio Gates hadn't gotten hurt. I just think the Colts are better than the Chargers.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Lurking just beneath the surface

This is the year of the New England Patriot make no mistake about but I think the Colts deserve some love for the season they've had. Think about people left them for dead after Dwight Freeny got hurt but they continue to plug along the way they have for the last few years and I think that's just the way they like it. With all of the injuries they've had this season I think it would have been an accomplishment for them to finish 11-5 or 10-6 or something like that but if they beat the Titans next week the Colts will end their season 14-2 and there is no doubt in my mind that they are the second best team in football right now. If the Patriots weren't on the verge of making history then people would be talking about Tony Dungy for coach of the year and Peyton Manning would at least be considered for another MVP award. The Chargers have lots of talent but they still haven't proven themselves in the playoffs so they aren't the second most dangerous team going into the playoffs. That title belongs to the defending world champion Colts who are lurking just beneath the surface ready to strike at any time.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


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Happy Holidays

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lebron James

This is the NBA and It's still very early in the season. If you are injured in anyway this is the time of the year where you try and heal before the season progresses and you must play. I truly believe that Lebron would have been playing if he was healthy and if it was later in the season and the games were more important he would have played through the injury. Lebron has got to be frustrated that the Cavs have done absolutely nothing to improve the team that he has around them but there's not much he can do about that now. I'm sure he's let management know his feelings on this issue so there's no need for him to protest management not getting him the players he wants by sitting out five games. I really don't think he's that kind of player. He won't sit out too many games because he knows it would hurt the team. The Cavs are really nothing without Lebron so he needs to be out there. And Cavs Management needs to do something to help him because he can't do it all himself.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Visions of 1984

The Detroit Tigers just pulled off one of the best baseball trades in years by getting Miguel Caberra and Dontrelle Willis from the Marlins. When you add these guys to the talent the Tigers already had, you have one of the best teams in the American League. I don't think the Red Sox should be printing those World Series tickets just yet, because the Tigers are right there with them. I used to live in Miami and I've watched the Marlins a lot over the last few years so I've seen what kind of player Miguel Caberra is, the Tigers are getting one of the finest hitters in all of baseball, and the best part is he will just get better. A lot has been made of his weight gain in the last couple of seasons but look at the numbers he's put up when he's heavy and imagine what he'll do if he gets back into shape. Dontrelle Willis is going to flourish in Detroit, you have to remember that he's been counted on to be the ace of the Marlins staff since Josh Beckett and Brad Penny were traded and I think he's put too much pressure on himself to carry the team. In Detroit he won't have to worry about carrying the staff so he can just go out and pitch every day. I don't think there's been a player since Kirby Puckett who plays every day with the type of enthusiasm that Dontrelle does he's a joy to watch and the fans in Detroit are going to love him. The last time the Tigers had a team like this was when Van Halen was at the height of its popularity and Eddie Murphy starred in Beverly Hills Cop. Yep, I'm talking about 1984 people.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

B.C.S.= B.S.

Such an exciting season comes down to a very ho-hum championship game. I think LSU is a very good team but I don't think they deserve to play in the championship game, I think that honor should have belonged to Oklahoma who just beat the team that was ranked No. 1 at the time by more than two touchdowns for the second time in the season. I'm very much in favor of a playoff system even though that will most likely never happen. I think this system is really just a bunch of crap. The decision on who gets into the Championship game is as political as it ever was no matter what kind of computer system you create for it. Could someone anyone tell me how the 2004 Auburn Tigers could go undefeated playing in the S.E.C. and be left out of the Championship while L.SU. gets into this year's game with two losses because they played a tough S.E.C. That kind of double standard makes me want to spit on the people who run college football. I believe college football should get rid of the B.C.S. and just go back to deciding the championship based on the rankings in the two polls. That way Auburn would have gotten a share of the National Championship in 2004. That system was much fairer than the B.C.S.